It can be difficult to decide what clothes to purchase and what to wear hiking in summer if you’re new to hiking or if you’re hiking more and more and need to expand your outdoor wardrobe.

Finally, summer has arrived. Hiking in the summer is a much different experience than hiking in the winter. It is time to update your wardrobe. You may be wondering what to wear while hiking in the summer. We’ve got you protected.

Summer is beautiful, but it can also bring with it serious problems if you are participating in the great outdoors. Summer hiking in hot weather is a summer sport for which you can plan. In the season, check out our beginner mountaineering guides.

Prepare for warm weather when hiking by being well-prepared. Because of the weather, the speed and gear will change. You must be fully prepared for any eventuality.

Hiking in the summer has certain unknown risks. Knowing how to walk in the sun is a talent that can be honed so that you can enjoy yourself rather than suffer.

Summer hiking entails preparing for hot, sunny days, bugs and ticks, afternoon thunderstorms, and even chilly nights. Below, I’m excited to show you what I wear and how I prepare for summer hikes.

What to Wear Hiking in Summer – Outfit

When you’re shopping for summer and hotter weather hiking and backpacking outfits, you use the same rules as to when you’re looking for cold weather hiking and backpacking outfits. The style and materials, though, would be different.

We’ll go through the essentials of your hiking gear in this section.

#1. Underwear

No matter what the temperature is, the underwear you wear next to your body makes all the difference. Cotton underwear is not recommended, and you can stick to polyester, merino linen, and nylon underwear instead.

These types of materials aid in wicking moisture away from the body while staying dry against the skin. To avoid scratching, women should wear an appropriate, lightweight sports bra rather than a traditional one.

#2. Shorts and Pants

It is important to think about your shorts and pants for what to wear hiking in summer. You have a lot of options when it comes to bottoms. Leggings and skirts are available for women, while trousers and jeans are available for men.

Although it could be hot outside and you don’t think trousers are appropriate, you can choose from a variety of convertible pants for both men and women.

Long pants provide more protection against rough weather, poison ivy, and mosquitos, among other things. Typically, they have a comfortable fit and are made of sweat-wicking fabrics.

Shirts must be made with moisture-wicking fabrics. In the summer, you may found that big sleeves are too hot and that short-sleeved shirts are the way to go.

While you are right, many hikers choose long sleeve options because they have bug protection and have a good UPF protection.

#3. Jackets

While it may seem surprising to have a jacket as part of your summer hiking gear, you must be prepared for any eventuality. You should bring a packable rain jacket instead of a heavy, insulated jacket.

If you find one made of Gore-Tex cotton, you’ll be able to remain dry while allowing your body to breathe without sweating excessively. In addition, if it rains, these are among the better choices. This can, in particular, be included in your hiking essentials.

#4. A Pair of Socks

Never underestimate your socks when deciding what to wear hiking in summer UK or the cold. Cotton socks may be convenient, but they should be dumped. And if you are just hiking on, you would have damp feet until your feet warm up inside your hiking shoes.

Blisters form when your feet get wet, and they can cause a lot of discomforts and spoil your hiking day. Wool and industrial fabrics are the best choices.

#5. Footwear

In this case, there are a few things to think about. It is impossible to claim that wearing a boot is better than wearing a shoe. The three points to think about are as follows:

  • Terrain: If you know your trial would be smooth, you should wear a nice pair of lightweight shoes. However, if you encounter any height or rougher terrain, you can at the very least change to a hiking shoe. For extra ankle protection, most men may choose to go straight to a pair of hiking boots. (Find out how to keep your hiking boots clean.)
  • Weather: Waterproof footwear is needed unless you can guarantee good weather.
  • Preference: You should wear whatever you feel most at ease in. Many people choose boots because they can be worn in all types of climates, while some choose lighter footwear or outdoor sandals. We also have interests, and we want to hold to them regardless of circumstances.

#6. Headwear

Hiking in all seasons necessitates the use of some kind of headwear. A wide-brimmed hat can keep the sun and UV rays off your head and shoulders in the winter and can keep them off your head and shoulders in the summer with UPF cover.

If you don’t want to wear a broad-brimmed hat, a baseball cap, or anything similar will help keep the heat off your forehead. Moreover, the buff is an extra piece to carry and can be used in a variety of ways.

Aside from that, you’ll need a decent pair of sunglasses. These are basic hiking techniques that can also be practiced when backpacking in the winter. Polarized sunglasses are preferable because they shield the eyes from harmful UV rays.

What to Wear Hiking in Summer Guys

Here are our top fashionable hiking clothes for men during summer:

Smartwool Men’s Merino 150 Baselayer Short Sleeve

Smartwool Men's Merino 150 Baselayer Short Sleeve

When you don’t need the extra sun protection provided by a collar or long sleeves, the Smartwool Merino 150 T-shirt is your go-to shirt for three-season hiking.

Smartwool makes some of the finest baselayers for camping, backpacking, and travel without a doubt. Their merino is soft to the skin and has a long life expectancy for a non-synthetic fiber.

Flatlock seams run the length of this t-shirt from Smartwool. This is particularly critical around the shoulders and under the armpits, where chafing is most likely to occur due to the scratching of your bag or the moving of your limbs.

Since the 150 gsm material is lightweight, it dries quickly when sweat-soaked or muddy. This t-shirt can also be worn under a jacket. For all three seasons of backpacking, I like to wear a 150 gsm t-shirt.

Then, if it gets cold, I can layer a heavier 250 gsm zip-up over the t-shirt and vent using the zip as desired, like the Smartwool Merino 250 Quarter-Zip Top.

Although many people are skeptical of merino products’ quality, we’ve found them to be more than capable of withstanding the rigors of hiking and backpacking. Merino wool’s advantages far outweigh its disadvantages, in our opinion.

Smartwool uses a nylon core with merino wrapped around it instead of using 100 percent merino. Many merino clothing companies have begun to take this approach. This method preserves the feel and advantages of merino against the skin while also improving durability.

Arc’teryx Palisade Short Men’s

Arc'teryx Palisade Short Men's

Because of its feature set, the Arc’teryx Palisade is one of our favorites. This style features a sleek integrated belt and a soft, felt-lined waistband. These men’s shorts are suitable if you are thinking about what to wear hiking in summer.

We love that each pocket has a zipper and that despite the fact that there are five of them, they manage to blend in with the rest of the short without looking like a pair of heavy cargo shorts.

The hems around the legs are also almost invisible, and the cut strikes a decent mix between form and function.

We’re not sure about the fly, which is odd for a pair with so many well-considered features. It’s not very long, and it’s not particularly useful. They’re also the most expensive of the models we looked at.

We know we want them, but the price tag makes us reconsider how much we really need them. Regardless of the price, if you value good design and construction, these shorts are for you.

Tillak Wallowa Camp Hat

Tillak Wallowa Camp Hat

Considering themselves “outdoor lovers first” and an “outdoor brand second,” Tillak is all about giving back to the world they cherish. That’s why they contribute 25-percent of proceeds to worthwhile environmental causes.

If you’re all about contributing to your quest for the right hiking hat, try their Tillak Wallowa Camp Hat or if you are thinking about what to wear hiking in summer.

Comfy and tight, no drawstrings are required to hold this cap on your melon. The 5-panel style is shape fitting, while the nylon and the elastic brace can suit a variety of head sizes.

The brim is made of water-resistant polyethylene that dries quickly, allowing you to bounce back from those rain clouds.

One of the most trendy, fashionable hiking hats at that, it’s available in four attractive colors: Fir Green, Granite Grey, Midnight Blue, and Supai Red.

All of this is an amazing option, but Wallowa’s strongest feature is its flexibility. Made from 100-percent durable nylon, this hiking hat folds down to the bill so you can cram it in your day pack and bust it out when you need it.

Leave the big, bulky caps at home; this is the gear you’ll need on the trail.

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Speedgoat 4

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Speedgoat 4

HOKAs are recognized for their outstanding comfort and protection, and the Speedgoat 4 is the best trail shoe in the series. The Speedgoats’ ultra-cushioning midsole is perhaps their most notable feature.

It absorbs impact well and doesn’t flatten out as much as any of the other shoes we’ve used. As a result, thru-hikers who need a shoe that is lightweight that can keep their feet and joints relaxed while logging a lot of miles love the Speedboats.

However, since these shoes are designed for trail running rather than camping, they won’t last as long as some of the conventional hiking shoes on our list.

Despite the slight reduction in endurance, the Speedgoats are our preferred footwear for long days on the trail where comfort is paramount.

Summer Hiking Outfits for Ladies

Like men’s outfits, we have also outlined summer hiking clothes women’s. So, here is the hiking attire for ladies summer and pictures of women’s hiking outfits:

Icebreaker Women’s Tech Lite Short Sleeve

Icebreaker Women's Tech Lite Short Sleeve

Icebreaker is the grand old lady of Merino wool hiking garments, offering a wide range of hiking shirts with varying amounts of Merino fibers (from 46 percent to 100 percent) and fabric densities.

The Icebreaker Tech Lite t-shirt, which has a fabric density of 150 g/m2, is made of 87 percent Merino fibers that are spun around a nylon core (13 percent) for added durability. Try this short sleeve if you don’t know what to wear hiking in summer.

Because the nylon fibers are literally covered in Merino wool, the fabric is soft to the touch and has all of Merino’s wonderful qualities, including breathability, temperature regulation, and natural odor control.

If you’re carrying a backpack, the offset shoulder seams prevent chafing. The Icebreaker Tech Lite tee comes in a variety of styles, including crew and scoop necks, solid colors, and cool prints.

prAna – Women’s Revenna Short

prAna - Women's Revenna Short

The Revenna is no exception to Prana’s reputation for producing comfortable clothes. We can rest, work, and play in them as much as we want. They are humble, technical, and lightweight, scoring highly in virtually every metric.

No matter what you’re doing, they breathe well and travel with you, making them flexible enough to keep up with you but still being relaxed enough to wear.

One of the most important flaws in the fit, which is worsened by the fact that the cloth spreads out with time, wrinkles readily, and runs a tad broad. Of course, this wrinkling has an effect on design.

They’re still at the bottom when it comes to water resistance. Despite the fact that they were labeled as having a DWR coating, we discovered that they absorbed water during our experiments.

Despite this, we can’t think of a better all-around adventure short than the Prana Revenna, which is our favorite pair among stiff competition. It is suitable for those who don’t have any idea what to wear hiking in summer.

The North Face Horizon Breeze Brimmer Hat

The North Face Horizon Breeze Brimmer Hat

The Horizon Brimmer Hat features a carefully positioned ventilation mesh to keep you comfortable as the temperature rises.

The crown mesh covering helps your head to relax, while the technology woven into the internal cloth wicks away moisture and promotes rapid evaporation to keep you cool and dry.

The sun is no substitute for the big brim’s shadow, and approved Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50 sun protection guarantees that your skin is protected from the sun’s rays.

The drawcord can be adjusted to your preferred match, and the chin cord can be fastened to hold the hat on your head if the wind blows. This breathable hiking hat will keep you comfortable on every trip, from dry deserts to swampy tropical hikes.

Saucony Women’s Peregrine 11 Trail Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Peregrine 11 Trail Running Shoe

For several years, the Saucony Peregrines have been one of our favorite outdoor shoes, and we’ve logged thousands of miles in them. The extraordinary traction of the Peregrines is what makes them stand out for us.

The Peregrines bite into the terrain to offer balance and confidence, whether it’s a trek through Nepal, the high sierras of California, or the Torres del Paine in Patagonia. The Peregrines’ newest version has a durable top sheet over the bootie.

This one has the same sock-like support as previous ones, but the upper is a little more robust. The Peregrine 11s is our top choice for difficult hikes that need dependable traction.

The Bottom Line

Hiking in the summer can be a fascinating experience. Since they are afraid of the sun, many people avoid hiking during the season or ask questions about what to wear hiking in summer.

This, though, should not be the case. Over the summer, the extremely hot temperatures can be tolerated when hiking if you consider the outfits for what to wear when hiking. So, consider the above-mentioned tips and outfits for your upcoming hiking adventure.